Our team of experienced chefs take great pride in serving delicious and nutritious meals.  All of our menus have been specifically planned to provide you with necessary energy, nutrients and keep you hydrated.

Clients often comment that the chef’s ability and standard of food is far above what could have possibly been expected given the logistical limitations of the cycling holiday.

We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions or requests. If your tour is over a special occasion for a birthday, anniversary or romantic marriage proposal we can also arrange cakes, champagne or something extra special, just let us know.

Great food and plenty of fluids are essential ingredients, both physically and psychologically, to make your trip rewarding. (For cycling up Kilimanjaro) At high altitudes, staying properly hydrated is essential for your health and helps prevent altitude sicknesses. Lots of teas and delicious soups will supplement your daily water intake so drink and eat as much as you can, we provide plenty of both.



Breakfast: Fruit juice and fruit, cereal, porridge, eggs prepared at request, breads and toast with jam margarine and honey, French-toast, pancakes, sausage, bacon, teas, coffee, drinking chocolate.

Snacks: peanuts, crisp, popcorn, cookies, chocolate, dried fruits


Lunch: Sliced vegetables, fruit, boiled egg, meat cutlets, various sandwiches options (egg/ cheese/tomato/tuna/meat/peanut butter), macaroni and meat sauce and breads.


Dinner: Soup of the day, breads, salads, rice, pastas, potatoes, roast or fried chicken, beef or fish, currys, mixed vegetables, lentils, fruit salad, fruit with custard, teas, coffee, drinking chocolate.

Summit night we offer a midnight snack with juice, soup, hot chocolate, tea or coffee and biscuits.  When you return to base camp a nice meal will be waiting for you to reward all your hard work.