Bike Tours Tanzania



Cycling is one of the best ways to explore and discover new places.

Join us for a one day or multi day cycle tour starting from Arusha and Moshi. Go on a mountain biking safari, visit the Hot Springs, or Rau Forest, or go on an epic  6 day ride around the base of Africa’s tallest mountain.

Hotsprings Bike Adventures

The natural hot springs provide you with an incredible day trip experience. You’ll enjoy a medium-paced ride with your experienced guide as you reach the rural hot springs overseen by the Maasai community. With lunch and drinks included, you can stay as long as you want and come back to base when you’re ready. 1 Day.

West Kilimanjaro Bike Park Safari

Imagine the thrill of pedaling along red dirt roads, feeling the sun on your back, surrounded by endless spectacular horizons when, suddenly, you spot a herd of zebra, Impala, wildebeest,. grazing in the distance. 1 Day.

Rau Forrest

Watch out for colobus monkeys in the tree crowns with their long fluffy tail. Ride through rice fields, spot Colobus monkeys in Rau forest and arrive at an old railway station stuck in time. 1 Day.


Waterfall & Coffee Tour

Spend a day visiting the Materuni waterfalls. Cool off in the water after an exciting ride and then enjoy the downhill trip back to base. Combine this with a coffee tour for a great day out! 1 Day. This is not only by bike while you may also do it by car that will drive you from your accommodation in Moshi all the way up to the Materuni village office. After registration our hike begins there to the falls. NOTE: For those who haven't enough time to spend in Moshi like less than 5 hours this is a great experience to add in your lifetime.

TPC Sugar Plantation

Visit 10,000 square km of sugar plantation in the north of Tanzania. This tour has options for visiting a swimming pool, tennis courts, the golf course, and a great restaurant at the end of your trip. 1 Day.

Kilimanjaro Bike 360

This adventure takes us through solitary rainforests, fertile fields of crop and through wild, dry acacia rich savannah, which is the home of the Maasai. The tracks around the cloud shrouded, snow-capped roof of Africa are mainly dusty, sometimes rocky, with a few asphalt roads. We spend a night in a Maasai cultural village to get to know their customs, songs and dishes. 6 Days.

Enduimet Cycling + Game Tour

Given the rich culture of the Maasai people and the variety of wildlife, a cycling tour in this area is ideal for those discerning travelers looking for an unforgettable off-the-beaten path adventure experience comprising of walking, photography, culture and scenery. Also for you who need to experience more than two different at the same time. 2 Days.

Lake Chala + Cultural Tours

Cycle to Lake Chala “the hidden gem”. The hilly terrain makes it a challenging ride as you pass the Kidia, Marangu and Mwika villages but then you finish off with a relaxing downhill ride to the beautiful Lake Chala” on the edge of the border Tanzania-Kenya and Overnight at the campsite. 4 Days.

Chagga Caves + Cycling tour

Discover the caves and rock formations that many tourists never get to see. This one day trip can be combined with other activities like Blacksmith or waterfalls.

Lake Manyara

Cycle from Moshi to Lake Manyara where you'll see stunning vistas of the lake, the Rift Valley Wall and small herds of wildlife. Cycle to the lake shore where there are stunning vistas of the lake, the Rift Valley Wall and small herds of wildlife. The ride is on fairly flat single tracks.

Ngorongoro Crater

From the base of the world’s highest free standing mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro, to the world’s largest unbroken caldera, the wildlife-rich Ngorongoro Crater

Arusha National Park Bicycle Safari

Cycle through Arusha National Park in this unforgettable bicycle safari in Tanzania. Explore beautiful areas of the park rarely visited while on safari giving you the ultimate wilderness experience.

Moshi City Bike Tour

Experience the local towns of Moshi in a way that you’ve never experienced them before.

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