About Us

Oclaa Adventure & Safaris is the local tour company  that lies under the roof of Africa (Mt.Kilimanjaro)  and it’s owned by a young Tanzanian who has a passion of Adventure on his life.

The company is located in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Tanzania and we’ve been providing safari services in Tanzania for year’s of experience  and we’re proud to have the destination of being one among the best tour company  in Moshi Kilimanjaro Tanzania. Our collective knowledge and experience covers everything including commitment to the highest standards. 

We offers a wide range of Safaris including Mt.Kilimanjaro & Mt.Meru climbing | Wildlife safaris | Motorbike Adventures | Cycling tours and Cultural tourism.

The main reason why Oclaa Adventures & Safaris is different because we treat our Client and tourists on a personal basis and give them chance to really get to know and understand how adventure is worthwhile and is the pursuit of life.

As a team of experts and profession we handle all of our Clients/Guests ranging from Private to Groups,friends,family and Honeymooners.

Our goal is not only to bring you closer to the wildlife but also to take care of every detail to ensure that your memories will last a life time.Let Oclaa Adventures & Safaris tour company make it happen for you as we have the recipe for a guaranteed Tanzania Adventure.

Meet the Team

Meet the Best Guides In the Tourism Industry

We organize Ultimate Kilimanjaro Climbs & Safaris in Tanzania from lodge Safaris, adventure Camping Safaris, Cultural visits, Kilimanjaro Treks on various climbing routes, Serengeti Plain for the Great Wildebeest Migration. Explore Africa! Through memorable superb Safari times by an experienced passionate guide

Head Guides

In our case the safety of all guests and crews on any one of our trips from a Kilimanjaro climb to a standard safari. Even on trips where we outsource or use third party products we try to ensure that very specific guides are used for our trips. We expect our head guides to deliver – and by that we DO NOT mean getting every single client to some remote summit. Specifically we expect our guides to lead all clients and far as they can safely go and return them all the way back to the end of any given trip.

Assistant Guides

The ones that stick through and prove they well rounded team leaders go on to lead our trips. Very knowledgeable and well trained the assistants are on hand with larger groups to help show you the environment and history of a given area.


It’s hard to become a porter for Oclaa Adventures every crew member has to be recommended, interviewed and then go on a number of trips before they can join us full time. As a result Oclaa  Adventures has built a very loyal and hardworking team who are paid among the very top wages in the industry. Quite a bunch – you’ll meet them on trail or setting camp and no doubt many of them will impress you or amuse you at some point!


Our bush chef’s/stomach engineer work wonders in tough conditions. Whether in the dusty plains of the Serengeti or the summits of Kilimanjaro, these extremely diligent artists work wonders to provide you with fresh and tasty meals for days on end. Possible the least seen and yet hardest working these fine men cook up a storm.

Our Mission:

Is to develop an extensive service provision network to ensure that our service is available and delivered timely in the correct quality and quantity as per the agreement.

Currently, our company operates in the northern zone of Tanzania. The main office situated in Moshi town, a convenient place for your Touring Safaris in Tanzania. It is the centre to the Northern circuit National Parks, the Heart to starting point of Mt. Kilimanjaro climbing, and it’s also a gateway to Tanzania and the high way to Central, Southern Circuit National Parks and the coastal regions. More-over, lifestyle in Moshi is cheaper as compared to other towns of Tanzania, which will make your Tour plan more affordable.

Our prices are competitive; we believe only with realistic prices we can maintain the professionalism, efficiency and high standards of service that has earned us the reputation of being the tour operator who provides the best value with the utmost reliability. The value of money you pay will be reflected on the service rendered. We handle all aspects of any type of visit to Tanzania, for visitors from all around the world, who return to us and recommend us to their friends. Contact us today for your unforgettable holiday experience in East Africa with Oclaa Adventures.

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